TV - Edgar Martín | Director de Orquesta y Divulgador Musical
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With the goal of further developing my work as music communicator, and to reach a wider public outside the scope of theaters, I am very active in the media. I collaborate regularly with radio stations and TV channels, where I help the audience get to know and appreciate classical music, thanks to my casual and fun signature style.

TVE – Culturas 2

Informativos Telemadrid

La Sexta – Tribus Ocultas


Viento Metal – Edgar Martín

TeleMadrid –

El Minuetto – Edgar Martín


As mentioned above, apart from television, I love the radio. I currently collaborate in the show Esto es Otra Historia (This is Another History) in Onda Madrid, an extremely entertaining show, led by the great historian David Botello and Esther Sánchez. While they talk about episodes in History, I tell stories about music and bring you new symphonies to accompany your history.

Merging history and music make participating in this show truly entertaining for me.

Edgar Martín en Esto es Otra Historia de Onda Madrid

Before joining David Botello’s show, throughout the year 2018-2019 I collaborated regularly in the radio show Two until Two (Dos hast alas Dos), in Onda Madrid where, from Monday through early Tuesday morning, I would disclose fun stories in my section #LosSecretosdelaMúsica (#TheSecretsofMusic). Here are some of the shows:

Edgar Martín con Isabel Regadera y Begoña Tormo del programa Dos hasta las Dos

Besides my weekly collaboration in Onda Madrid, many other radio stations invite me to talk about my project Why is it special?, my books or my music approach…

The iconic Carlos Santos interviews the maestro Edgar Martín in his show Entre dos luces. An enriching conversation between two great classical music experts.

Edgar Martín visited the show Aquí en la onda on August 31 to talk about his book Classical Music and to review the latest news of Camerata Musicalis.

Edgar Martín was the special guest of the show Pasaba por aquí, led by José Gavira, where he talked about Why is it special? and his trajectory as orchestra conductor.

Edgar Martín starred the show Gente Despierta, led by Carles Mesa, where they discussed the role of the orchestra conductor and his project Camerata Musicalis.